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Furr Noshin'

Raw or Natural food diets are sometimes more accurately referred to as ancestral diets, the way our animals fed themselves back in the wild when processed kibbles and cans fill of preservatives and artificial colours and flavours didn't exist. Study is now finding that most animals respond far better both health and behavior wise by being fed a raw or natural diet, and that by cutting out processed fillers and artificial elements from our animals diets, we can stop many skin, gut and health issues and improve general health and quality of life. Our high protein, nutrient rich natural food contains nothing artificial, no colours or flavours and certainly no nasty preservatives. We also include our own special health supplement, Food Plus in our natural food. This supplement is an all over gold mine of goodness for every part of your furry from nose to tail... (Food PLus can be purchased separately to add to your own animals diet). For more info visit the Furr Health Range page.

For fussy pets or animals that are finding the change to raw texture a little challenging our Furr Nosin range can be cooked.

Our Natural food, Furr Noshin', Woof is Grain Free,  low Carb and low fat. It contains no fillers, preservatives or artificial colours or flavours. 



Ingredients in our balanced food, Woof, include.... 100% Australian Chicken Breast (restaurant quality), Lamb Heart, Pork Liver, Whole Fresh Eggs, Baby Spinach, Our vegie mix (cabbage, carrots, beetroot, celery, sweet potato, pumpkin), Furrtrition Health Plus.


Woof Grain free is available in : Sample size  @ $4.00 ea

                                                        700gm tubs  @$13.00 ea


                           Or our bulk special 5 Tubs for $60

For more information or to order for Market pick up etc please contact us here or on 0403578291

Special offer ... Buy 5 Tubs of  Woof Grain Free for $60

Furr Slurpin'

Doggy Soup 


Based on a 16 hour bone broth , our Doggy Soup is the ultimate tasty nourishment for your furry. Available in 2 flavours, Carne (Meat) and Pollo (Chicken), both feature seasonal vegies, herbs and all important offal for your furries general health. We even use ground Chia to thicken our soup to boost the vitamin levels. With nothing artificial and no preservatives , this really is a delicious slurpy  addition to any furries diet.


Please be aware our raw food and Doggy Soup are  not able to be posted. The supply area is limited to pick up at  local Gold Coast and Brisbane markets Only. 

Free deliveries can be organised by special arrangement minimum $50 order

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