This product is specially formulated ` for older animals or animals prone to joint stiffness or arthritis. These are a "one a day" teat packed with as much beneficial Omega as we could fit into one Biscuit. The formula includes the power of Green Lip Mussels, Linseeds, Chia Seeds, Fish Oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil. Add Wholemeal Flour for fibre and dried Parsley to aid digestion and these pack a very healthy but tasty punch.
If your Furry friend is heading for an age where susceptibility to  stiffness or Arthritis a possibility, these treats may aid in the prevention of these conditions or may aid in the relief from them. They also promote Glossy fur, healthy Hearts and general health and well being..
4 weeks Supply   (for a smaller animal or cat give half of one biscuit daily)

Omega Bites