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Pet Hints & Tips

Here we will do our best to give you some great hints and tips for your furry friends. Everything from  water safety, to training and grooming tips and all inbetween. Do you have a good tip you would like to share with others... if so send it to us, we will give you credit for your tip and you will be helping other fur parents

Dogs & Puppies

Teach Puppy His or her name.. Say puppy's name. When he looks at you, give food and praise. Give a dog its name when it is a baby or when you adopt it from the shelter. Sometimes dogs are left with no name. This exercise should take no more than a few sessions.

Hot Stuff..The blacktop street asphalt gets hot. Very hot! Walk your pet on the grass or on the sidewalk instead of on the street. Those hot black roads can hurt their paws. On days that your dog spends a lot of time outside, you’ll want to check the dog’s paws for sun damage and his fur for ticks. When checking for ticks, make sure you look under the tail, on their stomach, in their ears and between their toes.

Important Hot Stuff..Many people don’t even realize that their dog is overheating. That happy, long tongue is letting you know your dog is HOT! Heat stroke is a very real danger for your dog and will cause nausea, loss of consciousness, brain damage, and even death. So, make sure your dog has access to a nice, shady place to cool off, with plenty of fresh water to keep him cool & hydrated . When it’s really hot outside – even a casual walk can lead to heat stroke especially if your dog is older or out of shape. Keep your exercise routine to early morning or evenings when it’s cooler.

Here’s how to recognize heat stroke in your pet. If your dog is suffering from heat store, he will be: 

•panting excessively

•have redness around his eyes

•show signs of weakness


•may start vomiting

You can try to cool him down by giving him cool water to drink – not cold water. Cold water may make him vomit. 
Try to sponge him down with a cool wet towel or soak him in a tub of cool water and keep a fan on him. 
In extreme cases where your dog’s gums are grayish, his tongue is blue, or he is unconscious, call your veterinarian. Severe heatstroke is an emergency, and you may need to make a quick trip to the veterinarian or emergency clinic.

Puppy Toilet Training  Check out this awesome How to on Puppy Toilet training from DogVacay

Dog Beach Do's & Donts 


  • Make sure your furry kid is wearing an ID tag

  • Check the ocean for any stingers and jellyfish

  • Bring toys and balls

  • Make sure you have plenty of fresh water for you and your dog

  • Make sure to bring poop bags and clean up after your dog 


  • Don’t let your dog in areas where they are not supposed to be. You may upset other beach goers or even worse get fined

  • Never let your dog out of your site

  • Don’t let them chase wildlife

  • Don’t allow your dog to run uncontrolled or act aggressively towards other dogs and people

Stop Your Dog Jumping on People

Most dog jump on people because they are excited, but whilst we can tolerate a small dog jumping up, big dogs can become problematic especially around children. If you want to stop your dog jumping up on people you can try these three things:

Ignore the jumping

Easier said than done, right? Ignoring means no attention at all – no negative, no positive. Do not make any eye contact or speak until all four feet are on the floor. At that point, calmly praise your dog

Turn your back

Turning your back on the dog until he stops jumping is another way to show  that this is an unwanted behaviour. Once he stops and again all fours are on the floor you can turn around and praise him

Teach incompatible behaviours

Teach your dog to do something that is incompatible with jumping up like “sit” or “lie down”. He cannot be both jumping and sitting at the same time. Once he holds the positions you are asking for, praise and pat him

Cat & Kittens

Medication..Easy way to give your cat a pill: Dip the tip of a straw into soft margarine so that a drop of margarine sticks to the end of the straw. Place the pill onto the drop of margarine that is attached to the straw. Hold the straw with the pill attached to it in one hand. Open your cat’s mouth with the other hand and place the straw into the cat’s mouth so that the pill touches the back of the cat’s tongue. The pill and margarine will stick to the cat’s tongue and the cat will swallow it smoothly 

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