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Furr Health Range

As human beings we are becoming more and more aware of what we put into our bodies. Is it good for us ? Is it doing something valuable for our body ? Is it improving our health and  wellbeing ? Is it improving our  quality of life ? Will it help with any ailments we may have ? Can it improve our immune systems ?

We ourselves are availing  ourselves of  healthy eating plans and of course vitamins and health supplements.. But what about our pets ? We are both mammals so doesn't it stand to reason that they too could benefit from health supplements ?

Recent studies have found that animals not only benefit from supplements generally but that many ailments including skin issues, gut issues and limb/tendon stiffness can be not only managed but sometimes even reversed by the use of natural supplements and foods...... This is called Nutritional Medicine. At Furrtrition we are forever researching different forms of Nutritional Medicine to  help your furry friend live a happy, healthy life and to help with many existing issues. Below you will find explanations of our ever growing range of Nutritional Medicine products... Head over to the shop to order.


As mentioned on our Raw Food page, Food Plus is a liquid gold supplement for your furry friend. Our Mix of Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Turmeric, Piperine, Chia, Linseeds, Cinnamon & just a few secret ingredients is sure to do amazing things including:

Skin Conditions:

· Clears up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis and itchy skin.     · Reduces allergic reactions & improves skin health.

· Makes coat become sleek & glossy and can deodorise doggy odor.    · Prevents and treats yeast & fungal infections including candida. 


· Improves digestion & nutrient absorption      ·Aids in healing of digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel syndrome & Colitis

· Can reduce or eliminate bad breath in dogs.       · Aids in elimination of hairballs & coughing in cats.

· Adds vital nutrients to a non sufficient diet (fussy eater )                  ·Aids in healing and nutrient uptake of sick, injured or recovering animals.

Immune System/Metabolic Function/Bone Health:

· Contains powerful antibacterial, anti viral & anti fungal agents to prevent infection & disease. · Regulates & balances insulin and promotes normal thyroid function.              · Helps prevent or control Diabetes.                   · Helps reduce weight, increases energy.

· Aids in Arthritis or ligament problems.             · Can aid in brain function , may help with early dementia symptoms.

· Full of antioxidants to aid in detoxing of  animal due auto immune issues.


More and more is being discovered about this super spice, its anti inflammatory benefits are being embraced by people everywhere. With the added anti inflammatory benefits of Cinnamon, cell boosting Ginger and Cardamom and immune boosting kelp, we are achieving great results in pain management and  inflammation from Furr parents with animals who are recovering from joint surgery, arthritis or just general old age.

  • Pain; as Turmeric has amazing anti inflammatory properties, pets dealing with arthritis, stiff joints or recovering from knee or hip surgery can benefit greatly.

  • Blood Clots;  Turmeric has excellent blood thinning properties and may benefit pets with Cholesterol issues or heart conditions.

  • IBS; Pets with Irritable Bowel issues or liver problems can benefit as the Turmeric stimulates the bile production of the liver, helping to break down dietary fats.

  • Turmeric has recently been found to aid in the arresting of doggy dementia and depression.

  • There are reports starting to appear that Turmeric could play a valuable role in fighting Cancer.

  • Animal and test tube studies have revealed the spices ability to play a role in preventative medicine as   an antioxidant . It has also been proven to shut down the blood vessels that feed Cancer cells in some cases.

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