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We get many questions and have some really interesting conversations with many of our clients relating to all things furry. Sometimes they are questions about common ailments, sometimes just funny stories, even some amazing tips.. so this will be our place for them.
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To Clip or not to clip , to shave or not to shave... and just how short is too short.....

Ok firstly lets get a bit of terminology sorted out...Shaving is when both the outter and inner coats are completely shaved off basically to skin level, usually leaving some form of " lion mane" around the head area. Clipping is the removal of excess long outter fur only. Some clips are purely to remove excess fur and tidy up genital/ foot and bottom area. There are raging conflicts going on out in doggy world right now.... One school of thought is that the animal has long fur, its hot therefore shaving cools the animal as it removes the " blanket" that it is carrying around. However the other side to this is the fact that long haired dogs are supposed to be long haired dogs , That the ha

Oh My God What is That Smell...or.... Have you checked your pets mouth lately????

Recently we have seen an increase of clients coming to us with Pet mouth issues. Bad breath, bad teeth or bad gums. One poor lil girl had to have 13 teeth removed in one go. So it got me wondering ... how much do you actually know about your pets dental health and healthcare??? Lets start with the basics shall we... At around 4 weeks of age, a puppies baby teeth start to come in. These teeth, about 28 of them, are mainly canines and incisors – the sharper teeth at the front and sides of their mouths. They won’t be chewing a lot of difficult food, so they only need these teeth. As they develop towards adulthood, their baby teeth fall out to make room for their adult teeth. If your puppy sta

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