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Our Story

Several years ago we fare welled a little furry friend who had been part of our family for over fourteen years. Over the course of her life she suffered from many ailments. Many of these we found we could help through the food and snacks she consumed. From alleviating her stiff joints and itchy skin with omega oils and mussel extracts, to managing Pancreatitis through home cooked dinners. She was a happy girl right to the end. For the last 7 years now, Furrtrition has been striving to help as many furrkids as possible.....  using the knowledge we learnt with our little girl and ongoing research and development of products, we aim to give you the best products, advice and support from the day you bring your furry into your family to those times when senior health care is required. We continue to stay abreast of new research and clinical findings through reading and interacting with accredited members of the pet industry. Lynn has even gone so far as to complete , with high accomplishment, a University of Edinburgh course on Animal Welfare and Behavior. When it comes to your Furrkids... they are our Furrkids too... We are affectionately known by many as "The Furry Dogparents" and we love it.

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